InnoblueGrowth: is an INTERREG MED project “Horizontal Communication & Capitalization project for Innovation in Blue Growth at Mediterranean level”.

The main objective of InnoBlueGrowth is to guarantee communication and capitalization activities on “modular” projects (study, monitoring and exploitation of results) that address the problems of Blue Growth, to increase their impact on well-known common objectives identified. InnoBlueGrowth focuses on the growing transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks in key sectors of the Mediterranean area.

To meet the needs of modular projects, InnoBlueGrowth will have to implement some actions such as communication strategy, community building initiatives and capitalization events – to build a real community among the modular projects, which deal with Blue Growth.

This innovative community will allow the strengthening of the transversal and integrated approach between modular projects and stakeholders. This approach is a sine qua non for supporting Mediterranean clusters in their transnational activity processes.

Furthermore, InnoBlueGrowth will increase the dissemination and transferability of the results of modular projects and consequently guarantee a wider and deeper impact at different levels towards external stakeholders, contributing to the sustainable socio-economic development of the Mediterranean basin through innovative investments in the Blue economy.

Cluster BIG Participates in the project as an associated partner.