SMEs Committee

The SMEs committee is a group dedicated to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that aims to offer all the information necessary to take advantage of regulations, financing, concessions, business opportunities and internationalization.

By 2021, Cluster BIG has a network of 24 SMEs – in addition to business consortia and regional clusters.

Italy is among the European countries where the weight of SMEs is most important. According to the most recent ISTAT data, about 4.4 million companies with less than 250 employees in the industrial and service sectors operate in our country (those with at least 250 employees are just 3,000 and 500). The added value produced by these companies amounts to over 500 billion euros, equal to about 70% of the total. In terms of employment, the role of SMEs is even more relevant: of the over 17 million employees employed in industry and services, more than 80% work in small or medium-sized enterprises. SMEs are therefore the absolute protagonists of the Italian economic fabric, and the economy of the sea is no exception.

The SME table wants to be the reference point for Small and Medium Enterprises, making networking and matchmaking opportunities possible.