Ripartenza Blu

The coronavirus emergency and the consequent period of closure of activities harmed the economies and research infrastructures of the affected countries. Given the general situation of difficulty, widespread nationwide, Cluster BIG has decided to launch the “Ripartenza Blu” initiative.

The goal is to support members in the development of innovative, sustainable and immediately constructional project proposals in the country system, through a path of aggregation, accompaniment and scouting for possible funding.

The result of the initiative exceeded expectations, collecting 55 project proposals with high added value, which were then presented by the participants in dedicated workshops.

Various themes were touched upon, algae farming, innovative ports and shipbuilding, exploitation of fish waste, planning and enhancement of coastal cities, among the most recurrent.

Thanks also to the agreement signed with APRE – Agency for European Promotion and Research, we have organized a supply-demand matchmaking process with the upcoming Horizon Europe 2021 and 2022 calls.

We also plan to explore other funding opportunities, among others: National Research Plan, Recovery Fund and Erasmus + –

The aim was and therefore is to implement initiatives that exploit the dominant position of the Clusters to create synergies. In this way, clustering can represent an important lever for the restart of activities, with beneficial effects also at the macroeconomic level. A virtuous condition, capable of having a positive impact on the financial structure of the country.