Flaghship Renaissance

The challenge of Renaissance, a project promoted by Cluster BIG in collaboration with Federpesca, is to foster the network between the Regions concerned and the EU and non-EU cross-border ones, in particular on issues such as prevention, activation by the competent bodies of procedures and behaviour models ad hoc in the event of an environmental disaster caused by the massive presence of anthropogenic and plastic waste in the sea, as well as coordination of scientific research and new technologies.

A transnational response in the Balkan region, coordinated by Italy, could increase the effectiveness of interventions by sharing experiences, professionalism and skills.

The goal is, therefore, to restore the marine environment in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region through the development of investments at the local level to support the national and rural economy and the circular economy in the agri-food, biological, forestry, maritime and urban sectors; the promotion and active involvement of coastal communities, through the redevelopment of fishing ports currently in crisis

Specifically for fishing and aquaculture waste, the project aims to promote technological innovation, recovery and transformation of biomass discarded into the sea, coming from the fish processing industry, or subject to lending obligations.

Recycling and enhancing the waste from fishing, aquaculture and the fish processing industry is crucial for developing processes for the conversion of biomass into compounds and molecules of high nutritional and commercial value for use in the health, cosmetic and food sectors.